Intraoperative Monitoring Electrodes

Intraoperative Monitoring Electrodes

Intraoperative electrodes available in a variety of options in order to provide physicians with useful, real-time EEG data during various mapping/monitoring procedures.

Ad-Tech IOM electrodes have the following features:

  • Platinum contacts
  • Pre-attached cabling terminating in standard DIN connectors
  • Sterile, single-use only

IOM Mapping Subdural Electrodes

Greater visibility of the recording surface with flexible electrode body; ideal for brain mapping and intraoperative monitoring of the cortical surface

IOM mapping subdural electrodes have the following features:

  • Numbered contacts
  • 6mm indented contacts

IOM Strip & Grid Electrodes

  • Available in strip and grid contact options
  • 10mm spacing
  • Includes random color code on body and tail

IOM Mapping Electrode System

  • Clover-leaf electrode shape stabilized the electrode contact on the cortical surface
  • Stainless steel contacts
  • 4 clover-shape contacts per electrode

Epidural Spinal Electrodes

For intraoperative monitoring of evoked potential (EPs) of the descending pathway during spinal surgery. Measures D-Waves

Epidural spinal electrodes have the following features:

  • 2 or 3 platinum contacts
  • 15mm spacing
  • Includes 16 gauge Tuohy needle with inner stylet

Cueva Cranial Nerve Electrodes

For direct nerve monitoring during skull based surgeries.
Highly consistent amplitude providing real-time

  • Available in 2mm or 3mm “C-Shaped” electrode
  • Supplied in a kit containing: 2 electrodes, 2 applicator wands, and 2 lead wires