Brooke Winter

Corporate Controller

Brooke leads the finance department in month end close and financial statement preparation process, streamlining it to enable timely decision making. She also works to strengthen and improve internal controls, managing areas such as the cycle count program and coordination of annual audits. Brooke is also responsible for budgeting and providing support and analysis to the leadership team in alignment with the long-term growth strategy across all areas of the business. Before joining the Ad-Tech team in 2021, Brooke held several roles in Finance at SC Johnson, supporting areas such as Global Supply Chain, Global Internal Audit, and Global Consumer Brands. Education includes a Bachelors of Business Degree with a double major in Accounting and Finance from the Wisconsin School of Business. Brooke is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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Fast becoming a healthcare best practice across medical specialties, Ad-Tech’s IONM electrodes’ performance helps orthopedists, oncologists and others guard against neurological impacts to optimize treatment outcomes.

Intraoperative Monitoring Electrodes

Intraoperative electrodes are available in a variety of options in order to provide physicians with real-time EEG data during various neurological procedures.

Ad-Tech IOM electrodes have the following features:

  • Platinum contacts
  • Pre-attached cabling terminating in standard DIN connectors
  • Sterile, single-use only
IOM Mapping Subdural Electrodes

Greater visibility of the recording surface with flexible electrode body; ideal for brain mapping and intraoperative monitoring of the cortical surface

Ad-Tech Medical Intraoperative Monitoring Electrodes

IOM mapping subdural electrodes have the following features:

  • Numbered contacts
  • 6mm indented contacts
IOM Strip & Grid Electrodes
  • Available in strip and grid contact options
  • 10mm spacing
  • Includes random color code on body and tail
IOM Mapping Electrode System
  • Clover-leaf electrode shape stabilized the electrode contact on the cortical surface
  • Stainless steel contacts
  • 4 clover-shape contacts per electrode
Epidural Spinal Electrodes

For intraoperative monitoring of evoked potential (EPs) of the descending pathway during spinal surgery. Measures D-Waves.

Epidural spinal electrodes have the following features:

  • 2 or 3 platinum contacts
  • 15mm spacing
  • Includes 16 gauge Tuohy needle with inner stylet