Brooke Winter

Corporate Controller

Brooke leads the finance department in month end close and financial statement preparation process, streamlining it to enable timely decision making. She also works to strengthen and improve internal controls, managing areas such as the cycle count program and coordination of annual audits. Brooke is also responsible for budgeting and providing support and analysis to the leadership team in alignment with the long-term growth strategy across all areas of the business. Before joining the Ad-Tech team in 2021, Brooke held several roles in Finance at SC Johnson, supporting areas such as Global Supply Chain, Global Internal Audit, and Global Consumer Brands. Education includes a Bachelors of Business Degree with a double major in Accounting and Finance from the Wisconsin School of Business. Brooke is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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Miscellaneous Products

Brain Biopsy Needles

Brain Biopsy NeedleAd-Tech’s disposable brain biopsy needles offer you a time and cost effective alternative to expensive reusable brain biopsy needles. Importantly, their single-use design addresses your concerns regarding cross-contamination and ensures that the needle will be straight and their cutting edges sharp.

All standard Ad-Tech brain biopsy needles have the following features:

  • Include needle stop and aspirator tube with Luer lock
  • 14 gauge diameter
  • Sterile, single-use only

Brain Biopsy Needle Drawing

Magnetic Resonance Conditional Material

Ad-Tech’s MR-Conditional biopsy needle provides a minimally invasive MRI-guided biopsy solution for neuro applications.

  • 28cm length with 8mm side cutting window
Stainless Steel Material

Available in various overall length and cutting window options. Note: MR Unsafe. 

Brain Biopsy Reducing Guides

For guiding brain biopsy needles using stereotactic frames or frameless navigation systems.

Note: Contact Ad-Tech for additional information.

Sphenoidal Electrodes & Subpial Transectors

Other Devices

Passing Needles

For tunneling electrode tails away from the surgical site.

  • Available in sizes to accommodate standard and single-tail construction
  • Compatible with Ad-Tech’s depth and subdural electrodes
  • Sterile, single-use only
Sphenoidal Electrodes

Provides a less invasive method of lateraling/localizing the epileptic foci for the surgical treatment of epilepsy

All sphenoidal electrodes have the following features:

  • Supplied as kits including: 2 electrodes, 2 introducing needles, 2 lead wires
  • Available in platinum or stainless steel
  • Sterile, single-use only
Multiple Subpial Transectors

Designed for medically intractable focal epilepsy where lesion resides in an inoperable cortical location.

  • Available in two different 0.55mm tips (dull & sharp)
  • Sterile, single-use only


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