Miscellaneous Products

Brain Biopsy Needles

Brain Biopsy NeedleAd-Tech’s disposable brain biopsy needles offer you a time and cost effective alternative to expensive reusable brain biopsy needles. Importantly, their single-use design addresses your concerns regarding cross-contamination and ensures that the needle will be straight and their cutting edges sharp.

All standard Ad-Tech brain biopsy needles have the following features:

  • Include needle stop and aspirator tube with Luer lock
  • 14 gauge diameter
  • Sterile, single-use only

Brain Biopsy Needle Drawing

Magnetic Resonance Conditional Material

Ad-Tech’s MR-Conditional biopsy needle provides a minimally invasive MRI-guided biopsy solution for neuro applications.

  • 28cm length with 8mm side cutting window
Stainless Steel Material

Available in various overall length and cutting window options. Note: MR Unsafe. 

Brain Biopsy Reducing Guides

For guiding brain biopsy needles using stereotactic frames or frameless navigation systems.

Note: Contact Ad-Tech for additional information.

Sphenoidal Electrodes & Subpial Transectors

Other Devices

Passing Needles

For tunneling electrode tails away from the surgical site.

  • Available in sizes to accommodate standard and single-tail construction
  • Compatible with Ad-Tech’s depth and subdural electrodes
  • Sterile, single-use only
Sphenoidal Electrodes

Provides a less invasive method of lateraling/localizing the epileptic foci for the surgical treatment of epilepsy

All sphenoidal electrodes have the following features:

  • Supplied as kits including: 2 electrodes, 2 introducing needles, 2 lead wires
  • Available in platinum or stainless steel
  • Sterile, single-use only
Multiple Subpial Transectors

Designed for medically intractable focal epilepsy where lesion resides in an inoperable cortical location.

  • Available in two different 0.55mm tips (dull & sharp)
  • Sterile, single-use only


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